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How to choose LED wall wash lights and manufacturers?

2021-01-18 08:58:43

LED wall washing lamp is an indispensable lamp in LED lighting project, and almost every project uses it. And for the purchaser, what kind of LED wall wash lamp should be bought?

1, LED wall washing lights choose regular manufacturers

Brand is a guarantee to give people confidence, regular manufacturers can give people quality products and guaranteed after-sales service, so in the choice of LED wall washing lamp to choose a regular manufacturer, so as to protect themselves. Spiritual lighting ten years of accumulation, in this respect is still guaranteed.

2. The relationship between price and quality

"You get what you pay for" applies to all products. The price of good quality wall washing lamps will certainly be high, the quality of cheap prices will certainly not be so good, and the materials used will be just short. Linchuang lighting LED wall washing lamp, using a thick shell, genuine chip lamp beads, good technology and even details to a screw will think, to create high-quality products for customers.

3. Select the appropriate wall washing lamp according to the effect and design parameters

There are many specifications of wall washing lamps, and it is necessary to choose the appropriate wall washing lamp according to the design requirements.

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