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Analysis on the use effect and control mode of led wall washing lamp products

2021-01-18 08:58:23

With the prosperity of people's living standards, people's ideological consciousness and aesthetic perception are constantly changing, today in the 21st century to promote environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon, led wall washing lights will shine in the lighting project, in the past when doing lighting projects, will not pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon these factors, in recent years, the state repeatedly asked advertisers to do lighting projects to: Promote environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon. Then, it is well known that led is a good choice for environmental protection, energy saving and low-carbon. At present, the use of led products in the lighting project are: led wall washing lights, led guardrail tubes, led digital tube screens, led line lights, etc. These products have replaced the power consumption of large, polluting the environment of neon products, has gradually become popular in the lighting project. With the continuous popularization of led wall washing lights, led digital tube screens, led line lights, and led guardrail tubes in lighting projects, led will shine brightly in lighting projects and be used in more and more fields, and more and more led products will appear around us.


led wall wash lights began to appear widely in our lives, becoming a number of places, indispensable lighting supplies. So how about the use effect of led wall washing lights? We did some research on this.

First of all, from the point of view of the use of the product, we found that such lamps can be adapted to many occasions, so the adaptability is still very good. Many shopping malls have begun to choose such products, so such lighting products can reconcile many different luster, its rich colors, bring people a very gorgeous visual effect, its light, very beautiful and natural, and even show a variety of vivid dynamic images, and the visual effect of the image, the overall feeling is to make people look very comfortable.

In the operation process of the led wall washing lamp, we can reflect the convenient and scientific operation mode of the led wall washing lamp at any time, so the practicality is strong. And the stability of the light is also very good. So as to achieve people's satisfactory use effect.

Control mode: Now the control mode of the wall washing lamp is divided into two kinds, respectively, internal control and external control. Internal control is to directly design the program inside the lamp, which can not be adjusted externally, and the lighting effect is fixed and cannot be changed. External control is the external link controller in the LED wall washing lamp, which can adjust the irradiation effect through control. Users can choose the control mode more application-specific.

Under normal circumstances, the average illumination of wall washing lamp manufacturers is 300lux~350lux. The average elevation illuminance of the low luminous flux version of the smooth product is about 334lux; The average illumination of the high-luminous flux version of the facade can reach an average illumination of about 634lux, and the brightness is sufficient to meet the needs of high-brightness space.

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