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What factors should be included in successful cultural lighting?

2021-01-18 08:58:23

Potential cultural tourism projects must have strong industrial support, profound historical and cultural background and unique natural landscape, at least one of the two. This is the basis for cultural tourism projects in the market, on this basis, with the blessing of lighting design full of characteristics, it can promote the development of urban tourism economy.

The lighting design of cultural tourism starts from the characteristics of scenic spots, and uses lighting art to express the deep culture of cultural tourism landscape and highlight the theme; Using novel lighting design techniques to show the simplicity and beauty of natural resources, highlight regional characteristics on the basis of functional lighting, and pay attention to tourist experience, so that tourists can immerse themselves in the scene and interact with the light.

But the lighting design method is not necessarily different from urban architecture, lamps can also be universal, the key is the designer's inner understanding of the artistic conception of space and the grasp of the project theme, according to the attributes and positioning of the project or space to carry out targeted optimization, comparison, control, induction and guidance, so that the project or space play a greater function, produce greater value, Finally, it affects more people's choices.

In addition, cultural tourism lighting to highlight the surround in the market, must have differences, create a landscape and artistic conception can bring visual comfort and excitement to tourists, so that tourists linger, in order to make light income, and then enhance the economic value of night tour.

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