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How can the lighting of the night scene be more attractive?

2021-01-18 08:58:23

According to the current survey on cultural tourism, the tourism income at night accounts for about 1/2 to 1/3 of the total income, daytime consumption is more inclined to travel and shopping, while night consumption is more colorful, including food, performances, entertainment and the slow life consumption mode of stripping away the city. So, how can the lighting of the night scene be more attractive?

1. Night performance + theme block

As we all know, Songcheng Eternal love series is a classic case of night tour oriented scenic spots, Hangzhou, Sanya, Lijiang eternal love core performance is in the afternoon and evening, Jiuzhai eternal love only at night, and the local core tourism products form a time dislocation. Keep an eye on the night economy.

2. Light show + night food

Taking Chengdu Beautiful Oriental Scenic Spot as an example, the core method of beautiful Oriental is lighting, in the 1250 acres of ecological park, to make a variety of dreamlike light show scene, during the day is an ordinary park, at night like a dream.

The corridor on the lake, at night through the light irradiation, looks particularly fresh and elegant, Can Hua lighting to describe to you, these outdoor landscape lighting projects are armed by what, the corridor under this piece of outdoor LED wall washing lights, the above is a low-voltage LED floodlight, the top is a LED corrugated lamp, The surrounding trees use LED green floodlights. Through the combination of these lights, a beautiful landscape is interpreted. With rich local food and garden activities at night, it is open all year round and popular.

3, theme activities + block leisure

Taking the Lingshan town of Nianhua Bay as an example, the cultural feature of Nianhua Bay is Zen. The most important experience activities in Nianhua Bay are in the evening, and the most popular are in the afternoon and evening, including performing arts activities, each time is about 10 minutes, and every half hour cycle performances. Of course, the main purpose is to attract people to stay and experience, and then drive the homestay and theme commercial formats, forming a combination of visiting Lingshan during the day and living in Nianhua Bay at night. The core method of the night tour is to do the overall atmosphere, each performance is not long, the scale is not large, but it is more exquisite, with the landscape lighting design of the whole block, very tasteful and stylish.

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