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What kind of LED wall washer is a good wall washer?

2021-01-18 08:58:23

The selection of LED wall washing lights has the following characteristics:

1, according to the voltage and power to choose, the irradiation distance of the LED wall washing lamp is determined by its output power, the conventional power is mainly: 18W,36W and 48W. The greater the power, the greater the range. The greater the power, the greater the output voltage required. The voltage of LED wall washing lamp has two kinds: DC DC and AC AC. Generally for the built-in AC22V, external DC12V DC24V DC27V and so on. The power of the wall washing lamp can be adjusted within a certain range to facilitate the adjustment of the effect.

2, when selecting the wall washing lamp, pay attention to its IP protection level parameters. This is an important parameter that affects the quality of its use. IP protection above 65 are good quality LED wall washing lights. Of course, the overall quality is also related to other parameters, such as pressure resistance, fragmentation resistance, high temperature resistance and so on.

3, color and color temperature: wall washing lights are generally divided into seven colors, full color and monochrome, and the color temperature is controlled at about 2700-7000K.

4, light Angle: LED wall washing lamp light Angle is generally narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees), wide (about 120 degrees) three, at present, Baite lighting high-power LED wall washing lamp (narrow Angle) the farthest effective projection distance of 5-10 meters.

5, working temperature: wall washing lamp usually works outdoors, so its working temperature becomes extremely important. If you can not withstand too high a temperature, then the practicality will be greatly reduced! Standard LED outdoor wall washing lights work stably in the general control of -40 degrees - 60 degrees.

6, control mode: Now the control mode of wall washing lamp is divided into two kinds, respectively, internal control and external control. Internal control is to directly design the program inside the lamp, which can not be adjusted externally, and the lighting effect is fixed and cannot be changed. External control is the external link controller in the LED wall washing lamp, which can adjust the irradiation effect through control. Users can choose the control mode more application-specific.

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