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The advantages of LED landscape lighting project

2021-01-18 08:58:43

With the development of science and technology, the improvement of everyone's living standards, more and more outdoor activities in the evening, garden landscape lighting projects, indoor lighting is also getting higher and higher. At this stage, LED landscape lighting in our country has obtained a very good development direction under the great attention of the municipal people's government and everyone. Outdoor landscape lights, LED lighting tree lights, LED guardrail lights have been widely used in lighting fixtures in big cities, the development direction of landscape light manufacturers has also made this production and processing production and manufacturing industry competition more and more encouraged, then what are the advantages of landscape lighting engineering?

Outdoor landscape lights are actually the same as general ground road street lights, which have the effect of lighting fixtures. Compared with the general ground road street lights, the light color from the garden landscape lighting project will be more gentle. In the evening, the light source of the landscape lighting project can reveal the key landscape, resulting in an unusual contrast with the surrounding terrain. And different garden LED landscape lighting engineering light sources will be different, different colors of indoor lighting will bring different visual impact to the simple night.

LED landscape lighting engineering module has high efficiency, shopping plaza landscape lighting engineering is 10 times longer than the traditional lighting source, ensuring low investment and high returns. Low carbon environmental protection zero air pollution, in line with the green core concept of green environmental protection. There is no radioactive element, no self-infrared induction switch, no environmental pollution factor, no damage to eyes and skin, complete the real and practical sense of the emerald green.

As with the LED tree light, it uses the method of assembling three heat pipe radiators, and the lamp source is immediately affixed to the heat pipe radiator, ensuring that the heat discharge safety channel is short and the heat transfer coefficient is small. In addition to preventing the heat accumulation of the integrated lamp source with large power, the antique style garden landscape lighting project uses three lamp sources not exceeding 80W to carry out assembly, and adds more lamp source covers. Use reflective cup to carry out the design concept of led lumen value, equipped with a different positive vertical Angle of view of the reflective cup. Widely used in factories and mines roof lighting, the application of the height to width ratio in the middle of 6-20M.

The commodity appearance of LED landscape lighting equipment should rely on scale efficiency and improve the high cost performance; There are various types of lighting decorations, and the sales volume of a separate company is not high. Therefore, to do classic, do profit, not simply to laminated glass, hardware, wood and other raw materials direct costs to decide the price of lighting equipment decoration, but should be based on the design of independent innovation, the spirit of craftsmanship, cultural arts and cultural creative industry, well-known brands to improve its value.



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