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How to heat wall washing lamp?

2021-01-18 08:58:43

The power can be flexibly changed according to the requirements, the general LED high-power wall washing lights refer to single row, multi-row that is called linear LED floodlight. Other due to the question of heat dissipation, choose a single 1W wall wash lamp for 1 meter not to exceed 36W, otherwise the heat dissipation is not good, it will show a serious situation of light decay.

LED wall washing lights let the lights wash over the wall like water, mainly used for building decoration lighting, and used to outline large buildings. Because LED has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, rich color, long life, etc., in 2013, the wall washing lights of other light sources were gradually replaced by LED wall washing lights.

Whether the LED lamp is stable, the quality is good or bad and the heat dissipation of the lamp body itself is important, the heat dissipation of the high-brightness LED lamp on the market at present, usually using natural heat dissipation, the effect is not ideal. The heat dissipation is not ideal, and the life of the lamp itself will also be affected. The application of heat dissipation materials in the industry should not only focus on the heat dissipation coefficient, but ignore the thermal resistance value. If you only see that the heat dissipation coefficient of a certain heat sink patch, heat sink paste, heat sink paint or thermal conductivity film is very good, you can think that the high heat can be transmitted out, and you may be disappointed. The situation that the expected temperature will drop, the LED epitaxial will not fade due to overheating, the life of the LED street lamp can be effectively extended, and the acceptance will pass smoothly may not occur.

From this tedious process, it can be found that materials with good thermal conductivity will also be defeated by thermal resistance impedance. The air, the pores at the joint are not tight, the heat sink gasket, the powder formed after volatilization of the heat sink silicone oil, and the film thickness of the multi-layer thermal conductive film will form a thermal impedance. These multi-level thermal resistance will hinder the heat conduction rate, heat conduction is very slow, and even conductive to the surface of the led lamp, which becomes a continuous accumulation of heat. The white backlight ink on the surface of the aluminum substrate should not only reflect, but also radiate the heat of the lower layer through the backlight ink on the surface.

Some wall washing lamp manufacturers have not found that replacing the LED special backlight ink with a general white text ink is equivalent to adding a layer of hard paint to seal the heat. After many failures, wall washing lamp manufacturers have accepted the new concept and process, and attacked from the overall heat dissipation scheme. The aluminum substrate is coated with a heat-dissipating white backlight ink for leds. If a slightly yellow backlight ink is specified, the reflectivity will be enhanced to 91%. Spraying between the copper foil substrate and the aluminum substrate with soft ceramic cooling paint can reduce the use of Japanese thermal conductive film and improve the breakdown resistance voltage at a very low cost. In order to protect the high-power wall washing lamp from the erosion of the climate environment, the heat is effectively transmitted out, and the cost-effective and effective way is to spray soft ceramic cooling paint. Only from the overall concept of heat dissipation, reduce thermal resistance interference, is the key to the acceptance of LED lamps. The lamp protection shell should abandon the traditional electroplating or baking paint, which will seal the heat back into the lamp.

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