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How to choose the line light outlet mode?

2021-01-18 08:58:43

When the user purchases line lights, in addition to some fixed line lights, the manufacturer should consult the customer about what kind of outlet method they need to choose, so why is the outlet method so important for line lights? The answer is: the outlet way of LED line light will directly affect the lighting effect of the product and the beauty of the product, the difficulty of installation and so on. Today I will explain to you the most basic three ways of line lights:

(1) Side outlet: Select a surface from the two sides of the line light to a wire outlet hole equivalent to the wire diameter, and the waterproof connection is connected to the circuit board from this hole, its advantage is that it can be seamless docking, lighting effect without dark area, and installation is very convenient.

(2) Bottom outlet: The bottom outlet is from the bottom position of the two ends of the line light aluminum profile to drill a wire outlet hole equivalent to the wire diameter, the principle is the same as the side outlet, the bottom outlet line light in addition to seamless docking, but also make the wiring hidden in the bottom position, higher aesthetic!

(3) Plug outlet: Plug outlet is to open a wire outlet hole from the middle of the plug piece at both ends of the line light, which is very convenient to install. The plug outlet can not be seamlessly connected, and the aesthetics are slightly inferior compared with the bottom outlet.

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