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Lighting project LED lighting installation points for attention

2021-01-18 08:58:23

The lamps used in the lighting project on the market are green lighting materials LED lights. LED light source is characterized by long life, high light efficiency, no radiation, low power consumption and low maintenance costs, and can be combined with thousands of light colors, through the chip program control to achieve a variety of color changes, to achieve rich color effects, which is impossible to achieve many traditional light sources.

The following briefly introduces the precautions for the installation of LED lamps in urban lighting projects.

1. First install the LED guardrail light on the wall: punch holes on the wall, install expansion screws, and then install the LED guardrail light, and lock it with self-tapping screws; The distance between the guardrail lights is determined according to customer requirements; It is usually between 1CM and 3CM.

2, and then the LED guardrail light signal line, power line docking, signal line is generally four or five core male and female plug; The power cord is a two-core male/female plug.

3, Install the power supply (transformer or switching power supply) : according to the power of the transformer/switching power supply and the power of the guardrail light to calculate how many guardrail lights can be taken by each transformer.

4, LED guardrail light controller installation:

First install the sub-controller, directly connect the sub-controller to the LED guardrail light signal to signal (five-core male and female plug), power supply to power (two-core male and female plug); Then the sub-controller and the master signal docking, if the distance between the sub-controller and the master control is far away, you can use super five network cables to connect, this

The sample signal is better; Each sub-control can only bring a fixed number of LED digital tubes; When making the outline of the building, each sub-control belt one road; The specific situation is installed according to the LED renderings (the manufacturer will help you calculate how many sub-controls you want, which way each sub-control takes, and there will generally be wiring drawings). The sub-control and the main control are also connected by super five-wire network cable. The network cable is eight lines, using the male and female signal plug and network cable docking, now connected to the sub-control; The signal lines between the different loops of the nixie need to be disconnected.

5, the transformer/switching power supply is all connected to a 220V main power supply, and then use an air switch and time switch; Control LED digital tube (LED guardrail light) unified power; Then plug the plug on the master into the 220V power supply.

6, system debugging: controller and LED digital tube (LED guardrail tube) after power; There may be some tube programs that do not move, or individual tubes that do not function properly; Remove the bad LED guardrail light and replace it with a backup tube until it works normally.

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