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Ciyun Zen Temple

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Ciyun Zen Temple

Project name: Ciyun Zen Temple Tower ancient building lighting

Brand: Canhua lighting

Location: Huai 'an, Jiangsu Province

Liyun River in May, the wind is gentle and smooth. The National Master Pagoda of Ciyun Zen Temple was officially completed yesterday after two years of restoration. With a strong "Chinese wind", the National Division tower, against the blue sky and white clouds, is more simple and solemn.


The tower uses the ancient architectural style outdoor landscape lighting project, the whole front overlooking the flowing Li Canal, backed by the flourishing Ciyun Zen Temple, nine stories and eight faces, solemn and majestic, the restored Huai 'an Grand Master Tower has been standing in the Qingjiang Punan bank of the Li Canal, becoming a scene in the beginning of the Li Canal cultural corridor.


The tower is 62 meters high, divided into underground palace, base, tower body and tower top four parts, for the attic style, the building structure adopts the frame core tube structure and frame structure. In terms of architectural style, the tower adheres to the regional characteristics of the historical temple, taking the style of the historical temple as the dominant, supplemented by the architectural style of the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Number of lights for the project: Ancient buildings golden LED corrugated lights, tile lights 35,000, golden light strip lights 500 meters, 18W golden LED floodlights 55, 36W golden LED floodlights, integrated 20W floodlights 34, 500 meters LED floodlights golden floodlights, 36W floodlights, outdoor LED spotlights, 36W landscape LED spotlights 87.


The whole tower will be colorful, rich color levels, will make the stupa gorgeous and majestic momentum to be a perfect combination. The restoration of the tower will greatly enhance the historical and cultural connotation of the Li Canal Cultural corridor, and will also add a palpable and legendary cultural landscape to the Li Canal Cultural corridor.


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