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Mount Sanqing

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Mount Sanqing

Sanqingshan China Road Cultural Park Xiaoyao Valley scenic spot, located in the core scenic spot of Sanqingshan Jinsha tourism service area, only 300 meters away from Sanqingshan Jinsha ropeway. The total investment of the project is 1.5 billion yuan, and the core construction land is 260 acres, which is wholly developed by Sanqingshan Cultural Tourism Co., LTD., a subsidiary company of Golden Travel Group. The project is the key tourism project of Shangrao City and Jiangxi Province, and is the top 100 preferred tourism project of the National Tourism Administration in 2017.

Recently, Sanqingshan scenic area is simply, good news constantly! Two days ago, our Sanqingshan jade curtain Waterfall scenic spot has just been proposed to be identified as a "national 4A level tourist scenic spot" did not expect the good news to come again, Sanqingshan China Road Cultural Park Xiaoyao Valley is also proposed to be identified as "Jiangxi Province tourist style town"!



In order to better show the Sanqing view of cultural tourism as one of the characteristics of the town, approved by the government department, the Sanqing Mountain night scene lighting transformation, the entire project uses LED lighting funds 50 million, wall washing lights 5600 meters, golden landscape LED light, DMX512 colorful floodlights 860, golden light strip lights 10,000 meters.


Sanqing Mountain presents a stunning array of natural beauty, her pristine landscape and ancient flora perfectly combined, unparalleled in the entire Western Pacific. The natural erosion process of Sanqingshan granite, the beautiful ancient wood forest and the Taoist cultural relics are integrated, and these and the strange granite landforms are thought-causing.


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