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Jiangnan Landscape Resort

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Jiangnan Landscape Resort

Project name: Jiangnan Landscape Resort

Project lighting brand: Canhua Lighting

Project location: Zhejiang

Project effect:


The number of lamps used in the project Name: The whole resort uses 5600 meters of golden LED line lights to make the outline, 135 projection lights, 215 landscape projection lights.

Known as one of the great human inventions of the 20th century, theme parks have a history of nearly 30 years of development in China. With the rise of China's economy and the acceleration of China's urbanization process, the theme park will gradually become the main consumption object of people's leisure. The huge target market, the government's relaxed attitude and the strong regional comprehensive development have helped China's theme park industry set off a new round of investment boom.


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