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LED Spotlight SK-TGD05

LED Spotlight SK-TGD05

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  • Release date:2023-10-18 21:22:29
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Product Features:

■ Lens Optional

A variety of polarizing lenses are available to meet the needs of various lighting projects.

■ Color Optional

The luminaire can be configured with red, white, green, blue, warm yellow or RGB, RGBW.

■ Multi-angle Design

Different angles can be formulated according to your needs, so that the utilization rate of light can achieve satisfactory results.

Technical Parameters:

【LED Light Source】OSRAM CREE

【Input Voltage】AC85-265V

【Luminous Color】Monochrome /RGB/RGBW

【Beam Angle】15°/30°/60°

【Control Mode】Switch control /DMX512/DALI dimming

【Lamp Body Material】Die casting + tempered glass

【Outlet Standard】2*0.75/3*0.75 square rubber wire

【Protection Level】IP65/IP66

【Ambient Temperature】-35-50°

【Service Life】>30000h


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