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LED Wall Washing Light SK-XQD10090

LED Wall Washing Light SK-XQD10090

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LED strip wall washing lights have been widely used in various places, such as the wall lighting of company and enterprise buildings, government buildings, historical buildings, entertainment venues, etc. The scope involved is also becoming wider and wider, from indoor to outdoor, from partial lighting to overall lighting, all of which are level improvement and development.

Product Features:

■ Lens Optional

A variety of polarizing lenses are available to meet the needs of various lighting projects.

■ Color Optional

The luminaire can be configured with red, white, green, blue, warm yellow or RGB, RGBW.

■ Multi-angle Design

Different angles can be formulated according to your needs, so that the utilization rate of light can achieve satisfactory results.

Technical Parameters:

【LED Quantity】108PCS

【Rated Power】108W

【Input Voltage】AC220V


【Luminous Color】Monochrome /RGB/RGBW

【Luminous Flux】9750lm

【Beam Angle】30°/60°/90°

【Control Mode】Switch control /DMX512/DALI dimming

【Lamp Body Material】Die casting + tempered glass

【Outlet Standard】2*0.75/3*0.75 square rubber wire

【Protection Level】IP65/IP66

【Ambient Temperature】-35-50°

【Service Life】>30000h

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