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How to choose the exact landscape lighting fixtures?

2021-01-18 08:58:43

Organic integration of building landscape and lamps, often reflecting a region's economy, culture, politics, customs and habits of personality unique connotation. Landscape lighting can reflect the local economic strength and cultural tastes, landscape lighting classification is more, according to different landscape functions, the use of landscape lighting is not the same. Because a good landscape project lighting can greatly beautify the city's landscape, and the main function can reduce many traffic hazards. So the question comes, how to choose the accurate landscape lighting fixtures?

First, the building outline lighting

The light source will be illuminated along the shape of the building and decorative details placed, the outline of the building outlined, outline lighting is usually used line lamps, light guide tubes, through the body of the light-emitting fibre-optic lamps and other lamps and lanterns for lighting. The installation of the outline of the light as much as possible to hide, to see the light and not see the light. Guangdong Canhwa Lighting LED line light shape, size, structure determines its installation location, installation method, installation effect. Function is energy-saving, more than ordinary lamps and lanterns to extend the service life, but also has a fast heat dissipation, outdoor lightning and other safety protection design.

Second, the building landscape wall lighting

Used to outline the contours of large buildings, so that the light like water washed through the wall, is also mainly used for architectural decoration lighting. Landscape wall lighting to reflect the visual focus of the entrance and the texture of the landscape wall materials, and need to pay attention to anti-glare lamps and lanterns hidden, the main lamps used are: high-power LED wall washer, LED spotlights, and so on. Small degree of large lens, light effect is uniform, shine farther, irradiation distance can reach more than 10 metres. Thick feeling full of bracket, wear-resistant, not easy to break. According to the actual situation of the site, adjust the appropriate angle.

Third, green plant lighting

Lawn, plants as a widely distributed, large number of elements in the landscape, its lighting design plays a key role in the whole project. Some public places, the use of lawn lamps, can add a few points for the night brightness, so as to play the effect of brightening the night. Commonly used is the way of uplighting, that is, the lamps and lanterns installed in the ground or buried in the ground, the beam of light vertically upward irradiation of the canopy of the densest part of the tree, in order to show the three-dimensional sense of trees. There are also limited by the conditions of the lamps installed in the trunk of the case. Used in the LED geographic lights, spotlights and other lamps.

Four, floodlighting

Is to use LED floodlights according to the design calculation of a certain angle directly irradiate the building facade, reshaping the image of the building at night. Its effect not only reveals the full picture of the building, but also the building's shape, three-dimensional sense, decorative stone materials and material texture, and even decorative detailing can be effectively expressed.

V. Roof Lighting for Ancient Buildings

LED corrugated light is a light source made of lamps and lanterns projected onto the tiles to achieve a landscape, but also a technique of night lighting effect, LED corrugated light is a high-tech products designed for the building façade, can be composed of multiple lamps and lanterns in succession, its bright colours, dazzling and fascinating. It is applied to the landscape decoration of ancient building facades, gardens, courtyards, villas, pavilions and other places.

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