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Teach you how to identify the quality of LED line lights

2021-01-18 08:58:43

At present, LED line light manufacturers on the market have everything, many manufacturers favor their own line light cost-effective, cheap price, long life and other advantages. How do we distinguish the quality of line lights? Take us to master how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of LED linear lamp quality.


First, look at the strong glue: because the strong glue material is very poor, the line lamp will be more seriously yellow after a year. The fake super glue in the name of moisture-proof PU glue in the sales market has poor moisture-proof characteristics and is easy to turn pale yellow and dark, and the price of the general moisture-proof PU glue is very large, and most of the price is more than double.

Second look at aluminum alloy profiles: thin aluminum profiles are very easy to deform. In the selection of linear lamp aluminum profiles, manufacturers should first consider the heat removal characteristics. All normal conditions, in the selection of lighting lamps aluminum profiles considering the actual effect of lighting lamps heat, the selection of aluminum profiles moderate thickness. In addition, if the aluminum raw material of the linear lamp is very thin, the thinner the aluminum raw material, the worse the heat removal. It is very easy to be extruded and deformed during the whole process of installation and transportation! In order to be cost-effective, manufacturers must manipulate the raw materials they use very well.

Three look LED line lamp beads: In the field, there are only a few well-known packaging manufacturers, but you can identify the well-known brand integration that you have obtained, there are some unfeeling line lamp manufacturers whose prices advertise how good the raw materials are, holding the low-end integration to fake the integration of big brands, but the basic law of price has actually been there, How is it possible to get a good deal on good goods? Consumers are also self-humiliating, willing to be cheated, I am also drunk. Some of China's well-known brands of LED line lamp beads have long been tested and improved for many years. Their processing and characteristics are also very skilled and smooth. According to your cost and cost-effective, you can also choose some of the best well-known brands in China, such as SAN An integrated ic is very good.

The fourth is the selection of the circuit board: will the solar cell sheet be more cost-effective than the fiberglass board? Indeed, the key to high-quality linear lamps is to use solar cells as the circuit board of the lamp source. Is the fiberglass board always marked with fake labels? Of course, this is not always the case. I used to think that glass plywood products are not high quality goods. After the explanation of professional and technical personnel, because I have mastered the advantages and disadvantages of fiberglass board. Relatively speaking, for the line lamp, fully consider the actual effect of the heat removal of the lamp source, and consider the solar cell as the circuit board when selecting the circuit board.

Five look waterproof plug: LED line light sales market is indeed very large, at the beginning of each year, customers will inquire once: "2020 there is a new price?" Some producers will reduce raw materials in response to such work pressures, but others will reduce profits to keep their initial customers. There are also cost-effective waterproof plugs, but the cable diameter is relatively small, the conductivity is poor, and the moisture resistance is poor. It is very easy to seep water and cause electricity, most of the square four-core insert is also very good, although its price is high, but the overall reliability can achieve 99% moisture-proof, that 1% May not be inserted.

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