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How to choose LED corrugated lamp?

2021-01-18 08:58:43

About the corrugated lamp

LED tile lights are also known as corrugated lights, LED crescent lights, LED tile surface lights, LED ancient building decorative lights, LED glazed tile lights, etc., with high-power LED as the light source. LED corrugated light is a high-tech product designed for the facade of the square building, which can be cascaded by multiple lamps. LED corrugated lights are colorful and charming. There are red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white and other conventional colors

Tile category:

The tiles used in ancient buildings are divided into celadon tiles and glazed tiles from the surface material characteristics. From the way of laying, it is mostly inverted tile and dry filing tile. Different materials and paving methods also have different lighting needs.

For celadon tiles, the surface color is gray, the culture is rough, the overall reflectivity is relatively low, so if you want to illuminate such tiles, the illuminance is relatively high, the total output of the light source is large; On the contrary, for glazed tiles, their high reflectivity has relatively low requirements for lumen output of the light source. At the same time, for glazed tiles, due to its smooth surface, relative to rough green tiles, its degree of diffusion is low, so glazed tiles are not suitable for too narrow Angle lighting, so it is easy to make the amount of light reflected to the sky more.

For the form of the overhead tile, the way of layering is not easy to spread the light, and the gap and height of the stacking layer often hinder the diffusion of light in the entire building surface, so the overhead tile is suitable for the form of medium and narrow Angle irradiation, while trying to raise the exit position of the lamp to avoid being blocked by the stacked tile.

For the form of the paving of the dry tile, the installation method of the first seam splicing is easy to the overall transmission and lighting of the light, and is suitable for the lighting form of the middle and wide Angle.

Application of lamps:

For the installation position of tile lighting in ancient buildings, it can be divided into two kinds of corrugated lights and tile trough lights (collectively referred to as tile lights). The company currently names the former as tile lights). The former is placed in the ridge of the tile, the shape of the multi-meniscus, from the appearance close to the shape of the tile, hiding strong, relatively beautiful; The latter is mostly shuttle or cylindrical, installed in the tile concave (or tile canal) at the beginning, the volume is small, and the color of the tile is easy to hide.

Different lamps, with different tile types and paving forms, have different lighting effects. It works pretty much anywhere.



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