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LED Corrugated Light SK-WLD-XK16

2023-10-19 22:19:02
LED Corrugated Light SK-WLD-XK16

Product features:

1. High quality aluminum lamp body, with excellent thermal conductivity and rapid heat dissipation, ensures the normal temperature and color change of the lamp, and has strong corrosion and compressive resistance.

2. Tempered glass mask, with high glass hardness, excellent light transmittance, and good dust prevention effect.

3. Energy saving highlight chip, brand LED highlight chip, long service life, stable luminescence, low light decay, and consistent ultra-high lumen luminescence.

4. High quality cold resistant wire, national standard multi chip copper wire, better protection, better lifespan, safety and reliability.

Applicable Scope:

Corrugated lighting in Chinese and Western style ancient buildings is widely used in landscape decoration such as ancient buildings, glazed tiles, villa communities, parks, etc., including glazed tile lighting, tile ditch lighting, and roof corner projection.

Installation Method:

The arrangement of tiles on a tile roof is concave and curved, with one tile fastened to the other. The crescent shaped gap between the two tiles provides the installation space for the tile lamp. The two thin tiles of the tile lamp can be inserted, and the color of the tile lamp is very similar to the color of the tiles, so it will not affect the daytime building effect of the roof. At night, patches of LED tiles light up, creating a spectacular roof effect.

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