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Dubai Frame

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Dubai Frame

Canhua provides energy-saving building LED lighting solutions for Dubai Frame.

380 sets of landscape floodlights produced by Canhua Lighting 4 RGBW floodlights and 34 sets of LED floodlights light the building facade of Dubai Frame, providing high-quality lighting effects for the external long-distance structure of the building.


114 sets of Canhua lighting DMX512 control system, 24W outdoor landscape lighting LED wall washing lights, 36W colorful external control DMX512 wall washing lights and 56 sets of wall washing lights outline the gold-plated border outline of the building.

Sinoflyer recently announced that it has successfully lit up the Dubai Frame in the city of Dubai to provide dynamic lighting effects. Visitors can now take selfies in front of the world's largest "picture frame", which is about 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. With its surreal architecture and distinctive shape, the Dubai Frame has become the city's new landmark and top attraction since its completion.

The city of Dubai is known for the world's tallest skyscrapers, largest shopping malls and longest driverless subway system. Known as the world's largest "picture frame," the Dubai Frame houses a museum and visitor center that Chronicles Dubai's transformation from a small fishing village for pearl harvesting to a global city of charm and vitality. Today, the Dubai Frame has become a popular backdrop for selfies, appearing in countless romantic photos of couples.



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