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Cultural Park landscape lighting

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Cultural Park landscape lighting

Project name: Cultural Park landscape lighting

Project location: Xi 'an, Shaanxi

Project lighting manufacturer: Canhua Light


Number of lamps for the project: 5400, amount of lamps: 340,000, monochrome white 6W corrugated lights, 3200, wall lighting wall washing lights 560 meters, 36W white wall washing lights, white LED line lights 1200 meters, 24W high-power LED buried lights 120, 50W integrated green LED floodlights 130, the combination of lamps and ancient buildings, make the whole park more bright and atmospheric.

The clever use of color is one of the important ways to express the cultural and commercial characteristics of residential buildings in the entire commercial residential lighting design scheme, which plays a key role in shaping the perfect image and atmosphere of residential buildings, as well as enhancing the attractiveness of residential buildings. The color of lighting projects has a guiding, emotional and symbolic character. Through the role of light color, the new image of the house is reshaped different from the daytime, bringing a new emotional experience to people, adding the charm and performance of the building.



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