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Wuhan Cherry Garden Lighting

2021-01-28 00:00:00
Wuhan Cherry Garden Lighting

It is another good season for flowers to bloom, and the spring East Lake cherry garden brews the romance of the whole year, bringing Wuhan the gift of spring: go to a led night scene lighting feast of cherry blossoms.


The cherry blossoms under the sun are light and bright, with soft feelings. The cherry blossoms under the night are more mysterious and poetic. Have you ever seen the cherry blossoms in the East Lake cherry garden at night?


Wuhan East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden is a place to enjoy cherry blossom at night in central China. Under the clear night sky, the cherry trees spread their branches, and the trees are full of cherry blossoms.

In order to meet the needs of tourists to enjoy cherry blossoms at night, the East Lake Cherry Garden uses energy-saving cold light sources that can protect plants, and is equipped with a variety of halogen lights, underwater full-color LED lights and dreamy cherry lights under the cherry trees, so that you can feel like you are in a colorful fantasy world when night falls.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, the Cherry Garden will be closed until 22:00 at night, and visitors can enjoy the cherry beauty of the landscape that belongs to the East Lake.


Under the night of a dream night cherry

After seeing the soft cherry blossoms in the daytime, the East Lake cherry garden under the light at night radiates a different charm.

When night falls and the lights are on, the East Lake Cherry Blossom Garden fades away the tourists of the day, fades away the bustling cars... Under countless light and shadow interweaving, the light color of landscape lighting floodlights, the light of Canhua lighting LED24W floodlights, and the light of colorful LED buried lamps, the beautiful scenery of the colorful garden becomes more colorful.


Under the outline of the light, the outline of the antique Tang architectural complex is deeper, and the five towers under the night have changed into a gorgeous golden dress under the starry sky; In the sunshine during the day, the beautiful Hongqiao is dressed in a brilliant red lamp belt...


This year, there are more than 9000 sets of night lights in the East Lake Cherry Garden, 500 lanterns, LED roofing lights, 1200 sets, point light source 2100 sets, Canhua landscape outdoor colorful RGB floodlights 200 sets, rest areas and Jing Heart Academy will be lit up this year, and eight large drums are placed on the lawn.


What is more worth mentioning is that after two years of continuous construction and cultural improvement, the East Lake Cherry Garden now not only has a beautiful environment, but also adds the color of lights, and the whole East Lake looks more gorgeous, and the charm of Chinese wind is full. Unique Chinese style of the new gate, a change from last year's Japanese image. Canhua lighting LED manufacturers specializing in the production of outdoor landscape lighting products, the door is newly equipped with access control system, visitors slow entry, entry difficult problem solved.


When the night falls, the unique Chinese style of the new gate begins to faintly flow out of the customs that have not been seen during the day. Red lanterns adorn the quiet and peaceful night of the East Lake cherry blossom garden, even if it is still brightly lit at night, brushing away the superficial face, touching the pulse of spring and the heartbeat of appreciating the cherry blossoms at this time, the original has been intoxicated by this.


Tang style architecture

The entrance is composed of pavilions, platforms, buildings, pavilions, pavilions, corridors and other "Qu Yuan Ying Yan", adding point light sources, LED corrugated lights, cast lights, Can Hua manufacturers, highlighting the Chinese culture of the ancient music performance, replanted green Ping is let people look at a green, relaxed.

Under the sun, the Taihu Lake stone group between the flowers, more than 1,000 smart koi under the Hongqiao Bridge, Yu E Fang, Ruixue Xuan and other ancient style is full, and the tender sunshine holds up the Tang style architectural complex of overflowing gold.


In the evening, the garden flowered like a dream. Unique style of buildings, put on a completely different look. All the ancient buildings in the dim lights are full of an ancient and elegant taste, mixed with the reflection of the lake, like colorful satin brocade, which makes people linger.

In the continuous light transformation of linear floodlights, the ancient buildings appear particularly exquisite and spectacular. With the murmuring water, it seems to be in a wonderful spring night picture.

There is a garden in the garden, there is a scene outside the scene, and the scenery changes, all of which radiate the spirit, temperament and charm of traditional Chinese culture...

Five Tower

Standing under clusters of cherry blossoms, the Five Tower is elegant and elegant on the hills not far away, and tourists are eager to take photos with them.


The night is getting stronger, the sky has lost the residual brilliance of the day, replaced by Canhua production of high-power LED products cast light, looking for the light, the iconic building of the East Lake Cherry Garden is supported by the moon, occupying the line of sight of tourists, especially photography enthusiasts.


The five towers under the night and the cherry blossoms around each other, LED corrugated lights, 3W golden light LED point light source, brilliant light lighting, bright lights as if the five towers plated a layer of gold, cherry blossoms suddenly bright up, under the light of the cherry blossom bashful style appeared.


Along the wind, it seems that you can smell the aroma of cherry blossoms dripping honey, tipsy and sweet March, walk on the cherry blossom avenue, the cherry blossoms in the sky, dancing gently, the cherry blossoms on both sides were kissed by the wind after falling on the shoulder, it can be really comfortable and intoxicant.


The beautiful cherry blossom avenue at night also attracts many photography enthusiasts to freeze the unique style of cherry blossoms in the night.

Put away the mobile phone, quietly walk on the cherry blossom avenue, appreciate the charm of the night cherry by the street lamp, the breeze blows, the cherry blossoms under the night, the East Lake cherry garden is like a fairyland.




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