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LED Light Source SK-DGY03

2023-10-19 23:55:07
LED Light Source SK-DGY03

LED light source is a new type of decorative light, which is a supplement to linear light source and floodlighting. The pixel spacing of intelligent lighting fixtures that can replace a certain standard display screen by achieving a point to surface effect through pixel blending: the distance from the center of one pixel to the center of another pixel; Point distance reflects pixel density from the distance between two pixels, and point distance and pixel density are the physical characteristics of flash screens; Information capacity is the unit of information carrying capacity that is flashed at once by the pixel density per unit area. The smaller the point distance, the higher the pixel density, the more information capacity per unit area that can be flashed at once, and the closer the suitable viewing distance. The larger the point distance, the lower the pixel density, the less information capacity per unit area that can be flashed at once, and the farther the suitable viewing distance.





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