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Tsz Chan Temple National Teacher Tower

Tsz Chan Temple National Teacher Tower


Project Name: Qingyun Temple


Brand: CanHua light


Location: Huai'an, Jiangsu


On the canal in May, the wind is smooth and smooth. The National Museum of Ciyun Temple, which was completed in two years and rebuilt, was officially completed yesterday. With the strong "Chinese style", the National Teacher's Tower, in the shadow of the blue sky and white clouds, is more primitive and solemn.



The Huai'an Guoshi Tower uses the ancient architectural style outdoor landscape lighting project. The entire canal is flowing in the canal, and the Ciyun Temple, which is full of incense and fire, is nine floors, solemn and majestic. The Huai'an Guoshi Tower in the reconstruction has already stood. On the south bank of the Qingjiang River in the Li Canal, it became a scene of the beginning of the Li Canal Cultural Corridor.



The Huai'an Guoshi Tower is 62 meters high. It is divided into four parts: the ground floor, the tower base, the tower body and the top of the tower. It is a loft style, and the building structure adopts a frame core tube structure and a frame structure. In terms of architectural style, Guoshi Tower adheres to the regional characteristics of historical ancient temples, and is dominated by historical ancient temple style, supplemented by Ming and Qing architectural styles.



Number of lamps for the project: ancient building golden light LED corrugated lamp, 35,000 tile lights, golden light bar light 500 meters, 18W golden light LED flood light 55, 36W golden LED flood light, integrated 20W flood light 34 , 500 meters LED golden light wall washer, 36W wall washer, outdoor LED spotlights, and 36W landscape LED spotlights.



The entire National Teacher's Tower will be colorful, rich in color, which will make the pagoda's beautiful and majestic momentum perfectly combined. The restoration of Huai'an Guoshi Tower will greatly enhance the historical and cultural connotation of the Li Canal Cultural Corridor, and will also add a sensible and legendary cultural landscape to the Li Canal Cultural Corridor.

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