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Sanqingshan Taixuguan


Sanqingshan China Road Cultural Park Xiaoyao Valley Scenic Area is located in the Jinsha Tourist Service Area in the core scenic spot of Sanqing Mountain, only 300 meters away from Sanqingshan Jinsha Cableway. The total investment of the project is 1.5 billion, and the core construction land is 260 mu. It is wholly-owned by Sanqingshan Culture Tourism Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jinlv Group. The project is a key tourism project in Shangrao City and Jiangxi Province, and is the top 100 preferred tourism project of the National Tourism Administration in 2017.


Recently, Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area is simply, good news is constantly going on! For the first two days, the Sanqingshan Yuliang Waterfall Scenic Spot has just been designated as a “national 4A-level tourist scenic spot”. I didn’t expect the good news to come again. The Sanqingshan Chinese Road Cultural Park Xiaoyao Valley is also proposed to be “Jiangxi Province Tourism Style Town”. !



Ancient poets express their love for Sanqing Mountain with poetry


Both of them are born in Shaohua, and they know that there are people in the world.


The Dan furnace has no fire, and the pearl trees are not spring flowers.


Stones lined up with jade bamboo shoots in the void, and the land was covered with gold sand.


The poems of the poems are triumphant, and the green walls are smeared.


There is a Fahai Temple in Huaiyu Mountain in the Sanqing Mountain Scenic Area. It is said to be the extension of the monk of the Kaishan Mountain. After the beginning of Zhizhi's death, in order to revitalize the teacher's door, the sorcerer of the sorcerer invited the famous painter Guanxiu to paint the eighteen arhats.


Guanxiu had long envied the desperate circumstances of Sanqing Huaiyu Zhufeng's elegant and beautiful, and quite Penglai mood. Upon receiving the invitation of the Zen Master, he immediately promised, but proposed the conditions, and the masters should personally grind two basins of ink, to be ground. After seven or forty-nine days, I can make a painting by myself.



In order to better display the unique town of Sanqingguan cultural tourism, the government has approved the night scene lighting renovation of Sanqingshan. The whole project uses 50 million LED lamps, 5600 meters of wall washers, and LED light-colored LED lamps. , DMX512 colorful floodlights 860 盏, golden light strips 10,000 meters.


Project renderings




Lighting real shot





Sanqingshan presents a stunning natural beauty, and her original landscape is perfectly integrated with ancient flora and is unparalleled throughout the Western Pacific. The natural erosion process of the Sanqingshan granite, the beautiful ancient wood forest and the Taoist cultural relics are uniquely integrated, and these and peculiar granite landscapes are thought-provoking.

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