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Lingfeng Bridge


You stand on the bridge to see the scenery, the people watching the scenery look at you upstairs..." Standing on the Lingfeng Bridge, a gentle breeze glides from the face, listening to the meandering river flowing slowly. Looking forward to the south of the green hills rolling, the scenery is excellent, the high-rise buildings in the north, the streets are full of traffic. In the bustling downtown, feel the "bridge water" like the cozy!



The completion of the Lingfeng Bridge will become the landmark building of the city. It will not only facilitate the exchange of citizens on both sides of the river, but also promote the economic development of the other side. Liang Shubo, deputy manager of the Engineering Department of the City Chengtou Group and representative of the project construction unit.


Since the official construction of the Lingfeng Bridge project in June 2010, it has focused on the eyes of the people of the city. After the completion of the bridge, it will directly connect the city center and the Jiangnan New District. It will play an active role in the economic and cultural development of Hezhou City, especially to promote the development of the Jiangnan New District. It is also one of the important channels for relieving urban traffic pressure and facilitating residents' travel.



In order to show that the Lingfeng Bridge is a landmark building in Hezhou, the government began to lighten the design of the bridge in 2014. This time, the lighting is used, all of which are energy-saving outdoor landscape night-time LED lamps, effectively demonstrating the grandeur and beauty of the bridge.


This project uses LED lamps: 2500 meters of wall washers, and a colorful wall washer with DMX512 control protocol. 24W wall washer, 54W outdoor landscape floodlights, 340 sets, and 36 sets of golden light integrated floodlights. Let the bridge show more brilliance and add a beautiful style to the local night scene.


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